Back in Sunny Toronto

What the hell happened to the winter? This is flippin excellent. I get off the plane in Buffalo expecting to see mounds of snow, but lo! It rains! Florida was a fun time. The weather was a little cooler than expected, but still plenty warm compared to here. We did a fair share of sightseeing, mostly hitting malls and beaches. Sadly, we have returned un-tanned, but at least well rested.

It was a holiday of firsts and lasts. First Christmas together, first Christmas for me away from my family, first time in Florida... things like that. It was the second or third holiday we've spent with Maija's family, and we've decided it may be the last. Hopefully the last MacLeod/Jailos Christmas Florida vacation anyway. For all the good times we had, and all the hospitality shown to us by Maija's grandparents and parents, the problem lied in what spending a holiday with her family fundamentally ment.

Things like: her granddad insisting we go to every service at the local Finnish church... the services being in Finnish, of course. And taking us half an hour before anyone else arrived, so we could all stand in the doorway and he could introduce us to everyone as they entered. Or... forced devotions and prayer times, people praying in the order her grandfather specified. Forced mealtimes... of all Finnish cuisine which can get a little tiring after a week. Things like: both of Maija's parents driving rather scarily... and her mum pointing out every possible landmark to me, as it was my first time. She insisted we get photos of specific things, and a "no thanks" doesn't suffice. Managing to almost get a word of something in every available minute of the day (NOT joking). It was so much that I had to leave one night and go and read in the quietness of the church courtyard.

So, we had did have a fun time, and we are very greatful for them housing us for the week, free of charge. Though the bed was terrible, and the pillows worse... we did enjoy ourselves. We're just both very happy to never repeat it.

So, how does Christmas in the Bahamas sound, any takers for next year?