And so it begins

The great TACF move has begun. It probably really begun a week or 3 ago, when people at 10 Marmac Drive began reshuffling and cleaning out there offices.

Today walls were coming down. We've sold our School of Ministry building, and are renovating in our Office/Youth building. My mailroom will be moved back into the church building. :( I was pretty thrilled to be out of that building. I don't know why, but I don't like the working environment there. I don't just mean the physical environment, but also the spiritual environment. I've had strange feelings hanging around the back maintenance area, where my old office was.

Anyway, I'll begin clearing out the space that will become my mailroom in the next few days, then demolishing some walls, and putting in my machines and tables. I'm guessing it'll take a week or so from start to finish, depending on how much time I can give to it each day.

I'm looking forward to a change from my regular work for a couple of days. I love this job, and I still am happy to go to work when I wake up in the morning (which says a lot!) but it will be nice to smash down some walls, lay some carpet, and do some painting.

There's loads more to say about this move and renovations, but I'll write about it later. For now, read more about ligers.