Age of Empires III

The geek in me is very excited. Age of Empires 3 is due out in the third quarter of this year. The graphics look absolutely gorgeous, the gameplay sounds like it will be fun, the story sounds enticing... and it's Age of Empires. Can't wait.

Most interesting part for me... they're using the Havoc physics engine. That's the same engine that Half-Life 2 used, and Psi-Ops, to realistically throw bodies and trees around. That means for AOE that when a you launch a cannonball into a bunch of dudes, some of them will go flying. When you cut down trees, they'll fall, and roll down hills if you don't catch them. That kind of thing.

And the lighting and graphic detail on the maps looks brilliant. See for yourself:

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Can't wait. Hopefully by that stage I'll have a computer capable of taking advantage of all the features.