6 hrs left

Of my in-car driving lessons. Then I can get my license. W00t.

Aside from having a soar throat and cold, this week has been kindof cushy. I had Monday off due to having worked Easter Friday, I took Tuesday off because of being sick, Wednesday morning the same. So I worked 2 and half full days of work, got a week's worth of work accomplished, and got paid for a full week. Make's me wonder if I should reevaluate all my working hours.

My current quandary: Since Freshwind I haven't touched my turntables, or even set them back up. Today was my day to do that, however now I will be spinning tomorrow at church for a Kids Intercession Training School. So, I'm not sure if I'll bother setting them up, cause I'll only have to take them down later on tonight.

I think I'll just play Xbox, and read, today. Play Xbox = Halo 2. Read = "Hey Nostradamus," Douglas Coupland. And perhaps eat... eat = anything.