365 days

Today is March 22nd, in honour of which I trimmed my pubic hair.

In other news, today is March 22nd, one year since I first started blogging. It's certainly been an interesting year. I wouldn't hesitate to say it was the best and simultaneously the worst year of my life. Thus, this year was the best and simultaneously the worst year of my life.

The year at a glance (and what made it the best/worst):

- Got a new job, doing maintenance at TACF (great)
- The Passion movie (great)
- Buying turntables (great)
- Playing a lead role in a large stage production and performing in Ottawa (great)
- Turned 18 (amusing surprise birthday present, otherwise great)
- Risked everything (yes, everything) and asked Maija out. Now we're happily courting (though we don't call it that, cause it's weak) (great)
- Due to his homosexuality, my Dad separated from my Mum, and then moved to Australia. (horrible)
- Got a new job, doing Mailroom (and countless extras) duties at TACF (great)
- Got a Nintendo Belt Buckle (freakin great)
- Dad moved back to Toronto, from Australia. Stayed for a week, then moved to New Brunswick (lack of housing/job in TO) (horrible)
- Sparked a humbling debate about "misplaced" female attraction. Or more correctly, "misplaced Pudd's issues." Found them again. (not so great)
- Played numerous DJing gigs, including my first real out-of-town hired gig. (amazing!)
- Cut my hair into a mullet (great)

So yeah. As you can see, it's been a full on year. The horrible parts have been exceedingly horrible. The great parts have been exceedingly great. It all comes down to the mullet. Thus, it was a great year.

God bless, everyone.