1 year in 3 days

I haven't gotten around to sharing my New Year's resolutions, but I just realised that now would be a perfect time, given that I managed to spend signifigant time on all three this weekend.

1. Grow in intimacy with God.
I want to start spending quiet time with God regularly, not just when I think I need it. Let's be honest, we all need, all of the time. So I have to try and figure out what works best for me, as I have spent probably a total of 6 hours soaking in God's presence, in my life. It still doesn't feel like everyone says it feels, but I'm sure I'll get there.

2. Work toward my dream of becoming the best DJ in the world. I think as Christians we are called to do our very best in everything we do, and accordingly I am setting my goal as becoming Numero Uno in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I want to be spending a couple of hours every couple of days DJing. I also want to get a residency in a club this year, but that may have to wait till May, cause I can't get into most clubs currently.

3. Become more and more a man fit for Maija to marry. This encompasses a huge range of things. Getting my license, becoming a good driver, working out and making my guns a formidable force, reading more and growing my intellect, seeking out more work experience and possibly getting a 2nd job, telling her and showing her my love for her more than anyone has ever shown her love before, ensuring that our dates are time well spent, and the list goes on.

This Friday night at youth was freaking amazing. God's presence was so thick, and so awesome, I loved it. I was prophecied over by this cool cool guy named Shawn, who said loads of stuff that was completely spot on, but also expanded beyond what's been said before. Anyway, God really met me and revealed some stuff to me. And loved on me. Strike goal 1.

Friday night I DJed before youth, and had a great time. I didn't play long, as usual, but it was fun, and Andrew Gaz said it was annointed, which is what I'm wanting and praying for, so that was wicked. Then Saturday night I went up to MacTier (near Parry Sound), with Maija, Ben Poulsen and Raakel, and played for a youth group up there. I played for over 2 hours - something I haven't done before, and my set was technically near perfect, something else I haven't done before. It was my first time playing at a non-TACF event, and I had a blast. Strike goal 2.

Sunday night I finished the in-class portion of my driving school, passed with a 97%, and then spent the evening with Maija and my family. We went grocery shopping together (something I secretly enjoy) and then spent the evening chilling out, and then praying for our week. Strike goal 3.

I hope every weekend can be as satisfying as this one.

Peathe out.