I've been thinking this evening about how much God loves our worship. I know God loves all of our worship, but I was thinking in a purely musical context.

Most of my Christian friends who play instruments, since learning their instruments, have developed such a deeper love of worship, and different forms of worship. How many acoustic guitar players do I know that have worship times in their room with just them and God... this was an alien concept to me a few years ago.

But it's interesting. I first began thinking deeply about it a few days ago when I was playing some records in my room. This spirit of worship came upon me so strongly, it was amazing. I don't recall which record I was playing... perhaps Sun Shining, by Testament (a little more housy than my regular favs, but cool nonetheless). Like I said, I felt the presence of God so strongly in a worshipful sense. I grabbed my Bible and started reading scripture out loud as I played other records as well. It was really cool.

And since then, like every other time I toss on a record I feel this connection with God, that's never been so easy to establish before. I'm thrilled actually. Happened again tonight as I was listening to a track I bought the other day off eBay. (It hasn't arrived yet, I was listening to an MP3 Demo). God is a DJ, by Faithless. Amazing track to those who know it, unknown track to those who don't. But yeah, I'm stoked to see where things are going to go with the whole house/trance music/DJ scene in Canada and North America, but in Toronto especially. There's a really big rave scene here, and I really feel that it's something God is going to be bringing light into in the next few years, more so than ever before.