World's Friendliest Superpower

Sitting in my office, I just heard Pastor John Arnott say an interesting thing.

He said, "If there has to be a superpower in the world, who would you have it be? Russia? China? North Korea? Arabian nations?" It's an interesting point. He labeled the US the friendliest superpower the world has ever seen. "They have rebuilt the government of their enemies." That one struck a cord with me. Sure there have been huge problems with the process, but the US government has indeed attempted to bring a stable government to Iraq. Sounds like a good Samaritan to me.

And don't even talk to me about oil. Shut the hell up about oil.

Anyway. It makes you think. What would the world be like if some other nation was the superpower at this point. Imagine if the European Union had formed a single nation (as may or not happen one day) and had become the dominant power on Earth (as may or may not happen). I could see a lot of finger shaking, a lot of sanctions, and not a lot of anything else.
Would you rather be alive in a dangerous country because another nation had tried to liberate you, or starve to death in your own country because other countries were too afraid to hurt you?