Windows NT

I formatted the computer in my bedroom yesterday. It's a P2 (I think) 333, with 240 MB of RAM. I was running Windows 2k on it before.

For a change, I decided to install Windows NT 4.  I've never spent a lot of time on NT, and I've discovered that that's not such a bad thing.

Listed here are the apparent problems with using Windows NT, at this point in time.

- It ships with IE 3. Or maybe even 2. Either way, it's so pitiful, that while it did detect my ICS automatically, it could only load certain websites. Luckily though, it can handle 6.1 quite fine.
- It has no (or no obvious) USB support. My nice sound card and webcam do not work.
- It supports DirectX only up to version 3 (as far as I can tell. It doesn't support 6 for sure.)
- Won't support Windows Media Player.... 7! I didn't bother going any further back than that.
- I can't find a hardware device manager. That comes in handy all the time.

I think it's time for 98. Or maybe 2k again.