Who crucified Jesus?

Something for the frustrations category.

With The Passion of the Christ being such a big deal lately, I'm sure you heard all the arguments and debates before the film came out. Anti-Semitic this and that. I totally respect that, but not this part :

"The Passion of the Christ makes it look like the Jews crucified Jesus."

Firstly, arguably, the Jews DID crucify Jesus. Sure the dudes who hammered those nails into his beautiful hands were Romans, but they didn't just do it because they figured it would be a good idea - they did it because the Jewish council made them do so. So there.

Secondly, lastly, and more importantly, Jesus needed to die! If Jesus had not died, for whatever reason (and subsequently not raised from the dead), then the world would be terrible beyond comprehension. For one thing, we would all still be living under the Law, which as we know brings death and not life. We couldn't inherit eternal life. We wouldn't all have received the authority to cast out demons and heal people. The list goes on.

So please, if anything, take credit.
"Thank you, Jewish Council, for killing Jesus." - Jonathan Puddle, 2004.

Disclaimer - I understand there are many reasons for Jews to shy away from the "Yes, we killed Jesus" movement - mostly because of Christians who persecuted them for it. For whatever part is mine, I am truly sorry. But not all Christians are that way, and no Christians should be that way. Also, don't think I am insensitive to Christ's suffering. I've seen The Passion twice, enough said.