Weak from week

Two weeks in fact. We had another conference at work this past week, running straight on from the Todd Bentley Crusade of the previous week. Way too crazy for my liking... you just can't work that much in two weeks.

The trouble is... almost half of my day is spent doing jack-all. Then the other half of my day is spent busting my ass working really hard. It's a pain... but it's a living. The trouble with this week was that I threw my back out on Thursday. I don't like the term "Threw my back out," but it has a painful connotation, and painful it was, so it will do. I was "catching" for John and Carol - the process of catching people they are praying for, if and as they fall over under the power of the Holy Spirit. It's just tricky when you have someone twice as large as you, and they fall over like a huge wailing corpse, and you have to do your best to slow their unstoppable decent to the carpet.

So I busted my back making work incredibly difficult for the next 3 days. Only now, on Monday evening, do I have most of my mobility back. It still hurts, but at least now I can pick stuff up off the ground without having to get down on my knees.

Aside - Speaking of catching... here's what happens if someone fails at that job: I have to clean blood up out of the carpet when a woman falls and knocks her head against a wall. I'll fix the dent in the wall next week.

So I had to work Saturday again, due to the conference. We got out about 1am... pretty standard. Then Sunday came and brought with it Mothers' Day. And - the very first - "Open Studio," hosted in the Firehall, by Bethany Ventura and Maija MacLeod. It was very very cool, with all kinds of poetry, music, dancing, and works of art on display. Ticket sales went toward two missions trips that are taking place this summer, one to somewhere in England, and the other to Pennsylvania I believe. I Sound-Reinforced the evening. Fun times... stressful, but much fun.

Then of course we had to clean up everything after everyone had left, so that took us until midnight. Then sleep... then up in the morning for work. 20 minutes after I there, my body decided it had had enough, and sent me to the bathroom. After some time on the ceramics, with prayers for healing sent heavenward, I soldiered on. The day turned out to be quite fulfilling, as we got the church all in order from the conference, put everything back where it belongs, and planned the coming weeks. We have a mammoth amount of work ahead of us for the next few months, including the laying of 40K square feet of carpet, half of that in offices which will need to be cleared first and then re-installed.

Tomorrow we are back to the airport, to take apart and transport a shelter of some kind. No one knows exactly what it is, so tomorrow may bring some surprises for us. All we know is that it is huge, and should take 3 of us all day to take apart and remove.

Sounds like fun.