Water Drinker

I like drinking water. But I especially like drinking water out of slightly un-orthodox water holders. Such as empty pop cans. I think canned water would be awesome (regular water, not that nasty tonic water filth). I also like to drink water out of glass bottles, syringes, and most of all, mugs.

Try it friends. You won't be disappointed.

I bought Sanctus Real's CD today. It's good, I'd heard a bunch of the tracks, but had never gotten around to buying the CD. I also bought Wash Over Me, a Live Vineyard Worship CD. I confess... I bought it only because it has Wash Over Me, by David Ruis, on it. Bad habit that one. Ahh well.

Have I mentioned how much I love Maija MacLeod? She's the best. God is way too good to me. If you were Him, you'd know that I burst into renditions of "Walking on Sunshine" every little while throughout the day. But seriously, pray that we keep things nice and slow, and don't rush anything. That's the only drawback of being really good friends before you start dating. :)