Video games till we throw up

Jacob, Thomas and Jon Long came over today and we played Halo it, with some Peasant's Quest, and spinning of records thrown in.

Thomas and I tried to do some stuff together, but it was kinda hard, as he hasn't practiced beatmatching since February. Next time, he'll bring his laptop, and we'll try and run some stuff. I'm thinking we'll run a line out of my effects send, to his laptop, and then a line back in through the effects return, from his laptop, and he can sample stuff live. It'll be fun.

Tonight we had Chinese delivery, for Mummy's birthday. Dad's been over every couple of days since he moved out. It's still strange, having him leave every night.

He's moving to Australia in September. We don't know yet for how long. So that will be interesting. It's sort of unreal right now. I'm noticing strange trends developing though, since Dad moved out. Damien does nothing but play computer all day and most of the night. He's being bratty with Elliot too. Elliot is noisier than ever and seems to be wanting attention. I'm becoming more impatient with everyone. Which sucks. I'm trying hard, though getting my own place (with house-mates, naturally) is looking a nicer option every day. I don't think I'll actually move out for quite a while, cause I'm perseverant, but we'll see.