Trouble with the Uber-Spiritual, and a Desk

I don't know if it's just me, but I have a hard time talking to people much more spiritual than myself. I really try hard, but I'll just sort of drift away while they're talking to me about this and that and the other. Mostly about these amazing hard-core preachers, who to be honest I don't care about too much. Which is kinda bad I suppose, but it's not my reality.

Brief aside: I love the bit in The Passion of the Christ, where Pilate is talking to his wife about "his truth." It's very human, very real.

Tonight was cell - social cell. Social cell takes place once a month, so I was playing some music (Jimmi Hendrix) and one of the cell members was very upset and immediately changed it. He had been so heavily into the music scene and other darker things before he was saved, that he couldn't stand to listen to it at all. I was a little put off, cause it's Hendrix... but no big deal. But then he talked a lot about prayer and revival, which I'm all for, but how he used to pray all night, till 6am some nights.

So I question myself... Should I be more spiritual? Or am I doing just fine and this guy is too intense? Or is that just who this guy is. Many of the "uber-spiritual" people I've come across lose their intensity within a few years. So then I have to ask; Should I be sad that they've lost their zeal? Or should I be glad that they've found a happy in between place? Or should I not worry about it really and just let them be who they want to be?

The last option is clearly the best sounding one, but it's not always that easy to hold on to. And so the battle continues... Don't judge, Don't judge.

So cell is fun. You just have to turn the music down and play Halo instead. No one objects to Halo.

Oh, yes... the desk. I was demolishing a desk today and I made the foolish mistake of hitting a drawer with the palm of my hand. I didn't quite see the metal handle, until the corner caught me in the ball of my palm. Made a nice gouge and a good bruise. Stupid desk. I bandaged my hand, wisely put one work gloves, and then smashed the crap out of the desk with a sledge-hammer. Don't mess with me again, unwanted Resource Centre desk.