The problem with girls

An interesting discussion arose between Maija and I, and my mother, last night. By the by, yesterday was our 6 month anniversary of being a couple. 6 months I have very much enjoyed, and plan on doing again, at least... 120 more times.

Anyway... here's the rub. I think girls are too affectionate with one another. I was reading through a bunch of text messages on Maija's phone (I was welcome to do so) and came across some from a girl in her cell. The content kindof creeped me out though...

"Hey hunny, just wanted to tell you I luv u. Have an awesome day. *name*"
"Hey hun, hope your day is going well, I'm just going to pick up *name*, luv you, *name*"
"Hey hun, I heard things weren't going so well. Let God be your joy, and i luv you, big hugs, *name*"
"Hi hunny, how are things going? Thinking of you lots, luv and hugs *name*"

I read this out to my mother, who did think it was a little odd, but said this generation is much more "lovey-dovey" than hers. To be quite frank, if you read those above messages, there is nothing to tell you that they did not come from me. Or from a lesbian lover.

Now I am in no way insinuating that my girlfriend or her cell member are lesbians, I'm just saying this female affectionate easy-lesbianism has become incredibly rampant. Now, I don't mean lesbian in the form of lesbian lovers, but more in the form of, "We don't need men, we have other women." Which I suspect stemmed from the feminist movement: "I don't need a man to tell me I'm beautiful, my girls can tell me I'm beautiful. I don't need a man to make me feel worth, my girls and I can just encourage each other, and everything will be fine."

An interesting example happened a few weeks back, when I was with Maija and Bethany at their house, and Maija said, "Oh, honey..." and was talking to Bethany. I had to sharply bite back my tongue from saying, "I thought I was honey," because I was genuinely hurt. Last night after I told her that, we tried to come up with some affectionate names that she could call her girl friends, that she doesn't call me. Problem was, we had a tough time coming up with anything, cause she calls me and them by the same things. Which was a bit disconcerting.

Disclaimer: I'm not bashing Maija in any way. She knows I'm writing this. I've seen it rampant with girls all through high school, and unfortunately it's no different with girls in the church.

If guys were to talk to each other in that manner, you would think they were homosexual. Why then are girls allowed to address each other in the same way? I don't think it's fair to just say, "Well, that's the way girls are." Guys struggle with lust, sexual sins, violence, etc., and a lot of people in the world simply say, "Boys will be boys," but that doesn't make any of those things permissible. It's been seeming to me lately that guys are being called to a higher standard of holiness than girls are being called to. If that's going to be the case, then I can deal with it, but at this stage I'm just a bit confused.

Maybe I'm completely out of whack here, but it's honestly something I've been thinking about for a few months. Give me your feedback, I want to know if I'm completely alone in this, or if there are other guys who agree, and what you girls think.