The plot thickens

Following on from my previous post. Andrew Gazaneo had this to say:

"...I just think that there's a deficit in men where we are uncomfortable sharing and receiving love, especially from the same sex. Maybe we're afraid to show weakness. Not sure."

I agree with Andrew, but I don't think that's the answer to the "problem." I do think there's a deficit in men. It's something John Eldredge talks about in Waking the Dead, how men have developed a tendency to do things on their own and be these lone soldiers in the night. He says that the best way we can accomplish things is through support and teamwork with fellow guys, who can help each other long. He used Band of Brothers, and things like at as examples. So I definitely think that we men need to work better at expressing our love for one another, because it's healthy and will only make us stronger and more effective people.

However, I think that is largely a side note. I still believe that today's young women are showing their love for each other in a way that is either a bit inappropriate, or is mis-directed. Here's an example:

A friend I was talking to recently said that on occasions he will be holding hands with his girlfriend, and she will say something about not wanting to holds anymore, for the moment. Sort of, "not in the mood." Within a few minutes however, he saw said girlfriend sitting in the lap of another girl who had her arms wrapped about her. Can you see the inconsistency?

Naturally however, there are some excuses that can be made. If the girl is having her period, I can understand her wanting comfort from a girl, who better understands the pain. But that only excuses sections of every month, not life in general.

Let me throw this thought out: Maybe it's just easier for a girl to take her comfort from another girl, than to take it from her boyfriend, her husband, her father, or God. Maybe it's just the quickest most practical way.

If that's the case, then I believe it's also the wrong way. I read in a book that if you're upset with your wife, it can be easier to masturbate than to make yourself vulnerable and have sex with her. But that's wrong. Thus, along similar lines, guys and girls should always be taking comfort from God before anyone else, even if it's easier to take that comfort from a good friend.

I understand very clearly that hard that is. But the hardest things are most often the best things. I need dinner now. Give me more feedback.