The Friday to end all Fridays

Man... what a Friday. By now it's very early Saturday morning, but I'm really sick and can't sleep. Not really sick, but sick enough that I can't sleep.

Today (yesterday) has been one of the most amusing Friday's of all time. It's a long weekend here in Canada this weekend, and it just so happened that every department boss was away from work today. And it just so happened that today was our scheduled "The Union" Elimination day. So at any given moment at work today you could have seen the tall and short chasing each other relentlessly across parking lots, jumping fences, or even running inside offices.

The rules of the game stated that you could only be shot outside, or in the main auditorium. Being a maintenance man, I had to work outside today. I was possibly the only person who did not have a choice about being outside. I was removed from the game in some 20 minutes. That however made me a free-agent (in my mind) so I went on raids into people's offices, soaking them, especially in the crotchal area.

Throughout the day they also dropped in a couple of spot prizes, in order to get people outside. "The Union" leader would send out e-mails to the staff, saying something like "Hotdog stand" and the first person there would receive a prize. Well, being a maintenance man, I don't have a computer. So it comes as quite a miracle that I managed to win one. I was sitting in Mel's office, and she made the foolish mistake of reading the e-mail outloud. Last mistake she made that day.

There's more, but you can read it here. And here. And here.

Today was also my brother Elliot, and my Grandad Bryan's birthdays. Nana and Papa happen to be here right now, so it was a fun evening spent at Tucker's Marketplace (used to be called Mother Tuckers, hahahah, foolish).