The 2nd Schism

More hubbub on the "gay issue." The Anglican church this time.

I was talking to my grandad a few weeks back, and he had just got back from a big meeting of all the Presbyterian church leaders in New Zealand. They had putting off the gay debate since before we moved here (5+ years), but they finally decided to decide something. In a very controversial movie, they through the notion out. Gay men could not become ministers in the Presbyterian church. Period.

The Anglican church hasn't yet decided this. They're currently asking that all churches that are allowing homosexual unions stop and wait until the matter can be decided for the entire denomination. And they're asking that those hetero-ministers who have threatened the leave the church stay and wait until a decision is reached.

I'm glad I'm not that religious. I'm glad that scripture is clearer to me than doctrine and law. I wonder if Partners in Harvest have these huge debates. Hehe. But it's unfortunate really, the split that it is/may be causing.