That sneaky Sneak

Congratulations Jeremy Wright on duping the world.

Just the other day I did what I deemed to be a devious deed (other than cheezy alliteration.) During lunch in the Cafe at work I was sitting on my own, and I had a nice cold Coca Cola sitting in front of me. I decided that if someone was to come by, and was in a silly mood, it's quite likely they may shake up my nice cold Coca Cola, as a little trick.

So I got tricky myself. I opened the can as much as I could, without making it look open, and then I left it sitting there. My good friend Andrew came along and so like any good friend I antagonized him. He thought he was very clever, grabbing my nice cold Coca Cola and shaking it, until it spurted out all over the place, giving him quite a surprise.

I deemed this the most devious thing I had done all day. I deem Jeremy's hacking of his own site, the most devious thing ever. Since... Tuesday, when Andrew got Coke on himself.

I think the only thing that could top Jeremy's little prank would be if someone actually did hack Ensight. Hmm... where are those Russian Madmans?