Songs to burn my bridges by

Not quite, but I do suddenly feel quite alone. Today shortly after Mother left I realized that I was at this point, possibly more alone than I had ever been before. This feeling, being predominantly due to my newly acquired status as "adult."

I don't like being alone. Maija, and I think Rochelle and Bethany are coming over tonight. Good vibrations :)

(Thank you Beach Boys.)

I decided this morning that I need to get my hands on the new Project 86 CD - "Songs to Burn Your Bridges By." The song "Spy Hunter" is one of the most kickass songs I have ever heard. I love anything kickass.

Speaking of ass, I'll tell you what sucks ass. DJ Tiesto - considered by many to be the greatest DJ in the world - is in Toronto on June 10th. I will be in Huntsville shooting Burwash Prison. Boo :(

And just to rub it in... Finger Eleven, and Zao will also be here. Just the time to be out of town. For shame. For bloody shame.