Just slammed my hand in a door at work. Hurts like a Yeti cause no one believes he exists. I threw the door open and had my hand on the frame, and knowing that it was a heavy slamming door I put my foot out to stop it. Unfortunately, I didn't have my foot out far enough, which I realised a split second before the door hit my fingers. "I think the door should have hit my foot by ...ARGHGHRHGH!"

Now they're swollen. Oh well. Haha, had a fun times weekend. I went out to Fenelon Falls with Maija and 2 of her sisters to some relatives of theirs. Highlights for me were a fun walk in the forest with Maija... and getting to see the guy's impressed gun collection. Including my personal favourite... the AK47. Shhh... I asked him how he got it, and he said acquired it abroad a long time ago. I laughed. What a crazy guy. He had another automatic rifle, and various regular rifles and shotguns, and a host of hand-guns. He had one hand-gun dating back to the 1800s!

Yesterday I finally got my act together and pre-ordered Halo 2. I got a sudden shock when I realised the game was arriving in little over 2 weeks. Close.

Friday night at Youth was most excellent. I had a craptastic morning and felt very unworthy and ill-prepared to mix that night, so I took a short lunch and soaked for 15 minutes, and then soaked again later on before dinner. God being the faithful fellow that He is, filled me up and I mixed one of the best sets I've ever done. Big ups to Ben Poulsen who took the mic and got everyone to come up the front and get into it and start worshipping God, which is my heart for it. I don't really care so much for people prophesying while I spin; I want the music and an MC to do the talking, and have the crowd do the worshipping. Which was pretty much what happened, so I was stoked.

And the band was good too.
If you're into that whole alternative rock thing. ;)