Sick boy, new toy, play joy.

I have no new news on Hadley's situation, so keep him and his family in prayer. I really feel for them, as Rochelle was really kind and helpful to me when my Dad had his heart attack just before Christmas.

In slightly better news, I went and bought my XBox today. Due to having spending restrictions on my bank account I was only able to buy Halo, and no other games yet. But that's ok. I have to play around with some network stuff in my house before I'll get XBox Live. Right now I've got Rogers Cable running into the family PC, and then a long cable runs from a second network card (Internet Connection Sharing) to a switch at the other end of the house, where a couple of other PCs plug into. So I've got to re-wire some stuff. Also, I was given a router the other day, but it's an old model, one of the earliest 10/100 routers and it's really buggy, so I'm trying to figure that out as well. As soon as I get all linxed up though, XBox Live baby.

In theatrical news, we leave tomorrow morning for Ottawa. I'm almost excited. I'll be excited when I see the theatre. Pray for us there, that everything knits together. But pray for Hadley more. Due to being in Ottawa, I probably won't post again until Wednesday. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.