Sexiest thing I've ever...

... heard! One of the two Numark CS-1s I ordered arrived today. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to hear a difference in sound quality between them and my existing Stanton 505s. The 505 is a great cartridge, but the CS-1 is kindof the creme-de-la-creme. Stanton supposedly make the best cartridges on the planet, but if you check the specs, the CS-1 still outperforms anything Stanton makes. And... I can hear the difference. And feel the difference.

Playing through Firewire and Chemic, the sound quality is superb. Bass very low, highs very high, and overall a much bigger clearer sound. The tracking is also excellent. Chemic is one of my most damaged tracks (I'm not entirely sure why) and there's a nasty spot right on the first downbeat that I often skips with my 505, but no longer! W00t. (I know there's ways around that skipping on the 505, and I use them, but anyway.)

So, good news. Better news would be if the second one arrives in time for Zeo this Saturday... but I don't think it will. Unless the Good Lord does a miracle. Hint hint.