Well, I missed Blindside. That annoyed me very much yesterday. Lately I've been wanting to go to concerts so badly, but I can never get around to buying a ticket to them. A big part of it is the lack of enthusiasm towards concerts, among my Christian friends here in TO. Back home, whenever a big concert was going on, the whole youth group would organize tickets and everything, and everyone would be there. Everyone...

And couple that with the fact that I've been to maybe...1? concert in the city. It means that I don't know any of the venues, or locations of Ticketmaster, and thus I don't get a ticket. I also don't like the fact that tickets can sell out. Tickets should not be able to sell out. You can always... always squeeze more people into the mosh pit.

Oh well. It's too late anyway. I went to cell instead, and had a good time, as I suspected I would.

Here's a thought I had a few days ago: "The Bible must be read at truth value, not face value." There's many a debate about how one is to read The Bible, and how literal it is, and how metaphoric it is. The trouble with both, but the especially the literal view, is that The Bible was written by multiple authors over a period of 2,000 or so years, and that being at least 1500 years ago. So it's very difficult to understand the contexts that all the stories were written in, each being different to each other.

So you have to look beyond the words at the point, the truth, behind them.