I seem to be having problems with my template - it got deleted, again. Perhaps some Russian Madmans are at work. Ahh well.

Today I went to Futureshop and got myself a copy of Crimson Skies. Very very cool game. As soon as I get one or two more then I can justify getting Xbox Live. I'm also looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Psi Ops : The Mindgate Conspiracy. I played a demo for it, and it's a crapload of fun. You can pick stuff (including enemies) up and throw them, using telekinesis. You can light stuff (including enemies) up with your pyrokinesis. Mind control is also pretty nifty. The physics for the telekinesis are reminiscent of the gravity gun, that everyone saw in the Half-Life 2 video from E3 last year.

Also on the gaming front, I've been reading some awesome things about Halo 2. Dual weapon wielding, forceful taking of vehicles, new human and covenant weapons, including the energy sword, to name a few. I'm thrilled.

In other news, I'm teaching Kids Church tomorrow for the first time in quite a while. It will also be one of my last times, as I have resigned from Kids Church, and as of the end of June won't be involved in the Sunday morning program anymore. I've felt it's time to focus on some other areas of my Walk, especially resting in God, and making my worship of him a personal, in-my-room-and-not-just-at-church thing.

Fun times.