Man... too long.

So my birthday was very cool. I had a good time. My devious friends flew Rochelle up from Georgia as a surprise. Man... hehe, I was so confused. You know when you walk into a room, and someone is there, and you know that person isn't normally around, and so you don't really understand what they're doing here. Yeah, like that. It's been cool though. Unfortunately, I've been super busy with stuff up until now, so I haven't been able to devote my full attention to the newly arrived friend, and other friends in general.

Things - Dad left today for Europe, Asia, and Oceania. He's gone for 5 weeks, and will be meeting people in various countries to arrange for the world tour of In The Shadow of Death. Mummy-dearest leaves tomorrow to join him, but she'll only be gone 2 weeks.

Other things - I'm now 18. I don't feel a whole lot different - but I did note in the mirror the other day that my shoulders looked a little wider. Hehe. Sweet. Otherwise, I think John Mayer summed it up when he said, "There's no such thing as the real world." I've been out of school and working for almost a year now. I'm having more fun than I ever did in high-school, and am enjoying everything about life quite a bit more. Perhaps marriage and children are the so-called "real-world." I honestly don't know. We'll see.

Today I went to Centre Island with some good friends. Had fun. Nuff fun. Then we retreated to Mike's place and watched Big Fish. I love it. I bought it. It was a good day.