Sudden thought while writing "retraction": Does is stand for retro-action?

Anyway, I retract the statement made at 1:31 PM about being satisfied with the look of things (referred to as "this business"). Now - at whatever time it's going to say - I am satisfied. For the moment.

So this blog went life last night at around midnight. I didn't tell anyone about it (see earlier post). So today at work I get a phone call. Naturally I answer it politely, with a, "Maintenance, Jonathan speaking" and who is on the other end but Jeremy Wright himself. He greats me with a friendly, "Nice blog."

There are no secrets anymore. Hehe, but it was good to chat talk to you Jer...albeit briefly.

In other news, my turntables should be arriving soon. I'm quite excited about that.

Hmm...what else am I excited about?

Getting an Xbox soon time, Fresh Wind, Halo 2, Superman Batman #7, Supreme Power #9, staring in a film this summer, buying a guitar, learning to play that guitar, having people read this blog - I guess

Hahaha... Upon spell checking this post I noticed that the word "blog" is not in the dictionary. Odd. Neither is the word "Batman".