Ready... Set... Spin! Again!

Will be laying down some more fine trance music tomorrow night at Youth Network. I'm a little apprehensive, as I have spent very little time practicing for it. About half the set will be new stuff, which I only bought on the weekend, so I'm trying hard to familiarize myself with them. It's not far off playing a brand new song in a band. You'll want to learn it good before you play it publicly.

The other problem is that this is session number 2. I don't want to disappoint anyone who showed up for session 1, plus I don't want anyone to think that the leaders jumped the gun by letting me dj again so soon. We shall see. I played the set I'll play just a few minutes ago and it went pretty good. I'm just listening through them all now, making sure I've got a good progression. I'm starting off with this really nice gentle track called A New Sensorium, by Zero Gravity and ending in some kicking hard trance (with breakbeat to boot): Wave Guide System, by Organ Donors (who rock).

What is brickbat? Blogger spell check wants to change breakbeat to brickbat. Nonsense!