What have I done to deserve such love? When Maija came round tonight she brought with her a lovely gift for me. Hummer Cologne and Aftershave! It's excellent.

Another question... why don't people who write news articles make sense? Lately I've been noticing rampant spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in everything ranging from letters from my boss, to news articles, to blogs by people who have finished University.

I just found this example. Maybe I just missed something. Here's the page. The sentence in question is the very last one:

"Although the proprietary fibre blend is now being licensed for over-the-counter-sale, people hoping to derive some of its benefits are reminded that doctors tout the benefits of any additional fibre in the diet."

That reads (to me anyway): Doctors do not think there is any benefit to additional fibre in the diet. Only problem is, to tout something is to give praise, not disapproval. Unless there's some secret reserve meaning that I missed somewhere. Bahh... I'm rambling I know. But it's silly. It's just plain silly.

Anyway, time for bed. I've setup my new cartridge, mixed a bit, soaked a bit, prayed a bit, spent some time with Maija, sporting my new belt buckle the whole time. Oh, and sprayed on some essence of Hummer. Nothing left to do.


Except for that robot costume.