I'm getting a bit confused about whether or not to take Hamish's job. At first I was pretty set on not taking it, but my resolve has weakened a bit.

Here's the breakdown.

:) - Higher pay.
:) - Higher authority.
:| - Much more responsibility.
:( - Most likely more stress.
:) - More experience.
:) - A change. No more chair setups. Or bathroom cleanings.

If the decision was left up to brain and my reason, I would take the job. I would like to take the job. But in my heart I feel very little. I don't feel uneasy or anxious, but I don't exactly feel peace. I don't really feel anything about it. I know if I made the decision to pursue the job, I would feel excited.

Having written that, I already feel like pursuing the job more. Praying about it just now, I feel more of "yes." But... I didn't feel that before. I don't understand... hehe. Maybe I should plunge in like I normally do. It tends to work out.

Pray for peace and clarity. In this moment I feel like applying for the job and letting them sift me in or out.