Last night Maija came over and we went running. We figured we'd run for half an hour or so, so we went down Eglinton a little to a path I know of, that runs by a creek, and ran down there. Then we turned back onto the streets after a little while, and things began to get interesting. I thought I had a good grasp of where we were... clearly I did not. After running through small streets for a while, we ended up back at Martingrove. Good, I thought to myself. So we turned down Martingrove in the direction I was convinced was North.
I was wrong. After a few minutes we ended up at Rathburn. That's strange I thought, so we decided to turn down Rathburn, because we could just take it across to Kipling, and then get home that way. This was going just fine, until we crossed a highway. That was confusing... but we kept going. And going... until eventually we crosses The East Mall. I figured it was just a strange anomaly, so we kept going. Then we reached The West Mall. At this point we consulted a TTC route map, which showed us we had been going West, and that Kipling was all the way in the other direction.
So... that kinda bummed us out. So we turned down The West Mall, and figured we'd take it back to Eglinton. Before too long, we reached the end of The West Mall (a dead end) and realised we were standing outside the old apartment of our good friends Dallas and Gordie.
That's 6k away by highway... so I can only guess how far we actually travelled, because of the looping we did in the streets. I would like to point out that I ran this whole way. Maija walked some of it, so I slowed my run down to like a half walk/half run... but still. I ran baby.
So at this point we figured it all out and, and walked back to Rathburn, and then all the way down Rathburn to Kipling, and then down to Eglinton, and to my house. We got in the door, laughing and wondering what time it would be. We had left at 9:30, and figured it would be just before 11 or something. It was 12:05am.
What I failed to add, was that as soon as we stopped at Dallas' old place, I noticed an incredible pain in my foot. I did my best to walk it off, but we had to stop and sit down once because it hurt so bad. Now... I am at home, and I can't go to work today, because I can't walk on it at all. I'm thinking maybe I just pulled a muscle in my foot, but it could be like a stress fracture. But I'll go to the doctor today and find out what the real deal is.
Hehe... what a ridiculous run.