This is to any girl reading this who attends - or least uses the washrooms at - TACF.

I am the person who cleans and re-stocks the washrooms. When you are utilizing the wax-paper bags (you know exactly what I'm talking about), please PLEASE ensure that EVERYTHING goes safely inside the bag. If the bag happens to be full, do me a favour and remove the old bag yourself, then use a fresh one. The end.

I can still taste the bile in my throat.

Anyway, on to lighter things. I'm very excited about my NES Buckle on the way. I'm choosing to ignore some comments made about people going near my groin to "play" with my NES controller. Hahahah... amazing. Anyway, I'll simply get Maija on their case. She has a gun license you know.

Here's a list of most of the stuff I did at work today:

- Fixed three toilets that weren?t working
- Counted out, moved and setup 225 folding chairs.
- Made ramps for a truck driver to move chairs from his truck that was at a lower level than our dock.
- Moved many dividers
- Emptied Mezzanine of chairs and dividers
- Moved stacked chairs into mezzanine
- Helped negotiate between 2 truck drivers that arrived at the same time.
- Moved tables out of hospitality room
- Setup 6 tables in the Lobby
- Cleaned up shop, someone else had left wood and carpet all over the place
- Restocked all bathrooms, and bathroom supply rooms.
- Installed a rack system for hanging flags, in the bookstore.