So the last few days I've been a busy man. The church (my employers) bought a whole crap-load of stuff from Toronto Airport's old Terminal 1, which is in the process of being destroyed. So the rest of the maintenance team, and some lucky guests, and I, have been going to and from the airport in trucks of various sizes with loads of goods. Things like fire-extinguishers, desks, office dividers, posters, stanchions, vending machines... and 40K square feet of carpet.

I imagine we were a pretty funny sight on Monday, going in there with our brand new work boots and hard hats and vests (all mandatory)... and trying to scuff them up so the "real" workmen couldn't tell we had bought ours 2 hours before. I think we did ok. I must say it was pretty fun walking through all the "Restricted Personnel" areas and having a good eye at the hidden stuff.

And then at home... I've been playing with my turntables. Very very cool. The new needles I bought went in great, and were working fine, until one of them broke. It doesn't appear broken, but it doesn't work anymore... so, yeah. I'm going to take them back into Long and McQuade. I spent enough on them not for them to just crap out a day after buying them.

And today a record arrived from the UK. One I had just bought of a guy there, "The Drill," by Dirt Devils. Amazing track. I'm very excited to have it.