In the Shadow of Death, in Ottawa, was a huge success. We performed to pretty much packed theatres in Monday. In the afternoon we performed for high school students, and then in the evening for everyone else - including nigh 60 dignitaries, including the Israeli Ambassador to Canada, and the Speaker of the House. Pretty cool eh?

Monday was a pretty exhausting day, but it went really well. The crowds were very receptive to the play, and we could tell that God had really knit everything together and done a powerful work. We have an opera singer in the cast who comes forward at the end of the production and sing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem (in Hebrew). In the evening performance, the whole audience stood to their feet, and many people sang with her! It was really really cool.

Also, one woman was there from Montreal, who had traveled to Ottawa just to see the production, and she very much wants to have it performed in Montreal. That's pretty exciting, seeing as that's the same way we ended up performing in Ottawa. So Montreal may be coming up in a little while, we'll have to wait and see.

We did a little sightseeing on Tuesday morning. There's not much to see in Ottawa, once you've seen the parliament buildings, and the river. We drove across the bridge into Hull, thus putting ourselves in Quebec. First time in Quebec. It was fairly nice, looked pretty much the same as Ontario, except for the lack of English.

Then we drove home. And I went to bed. Cause I was and am, tired and sick.