Oonst Oonst Oonst

I'm a real dj now. Ask anyone.

So Friday night went really well. :) I played a short set, maybe 25 minutes. I was cut short by the power being pulled from the soundboard. Hehe, it was actually kindof funny. Andrew had just told me I had 2 or 3 minutes left, so I said, "Alright," and was getting ready to finish off. I was watching the record that was currently playing (Love Comes Again, by Tiesto) and I knew that I didn't have much left, and so was getting ready to drop in Arya, by DJ Energy, and the next thing I knew, everything went quiet. My monitor turned off, and the PA went out. I immediately figured, "Oh, I must have run out of record. Ahh well." Everyone seemed a little bit surprised, cause there wasn't really any wind-down. Only when Ninja tried to talk into a mic did we realize what had really happened.

Hehe, I knew I had more record left. But yeah, it went well. I was feeling it more than any other time. Technically, it went almost flawlessly. Musically, you'd have to ask someone in the crowd, but I think it was good. Here's the tracklist for anyone who cares:

The Traveller & In Motion - Believe (Key South Remix)
Mas - Chemic (Distortion Mix)
Vanessa Mae - White Bird (Cosmic Gate Mix)
Evolver - Evolver (Wavestate Vocal Mix)
Organ Donors - Rhythms Divine (Pound Your Senses mix)
Tiesto ft BT - Love Comes Again (Mark Norman remix)

Yesterday I went record shopping and got myself some new tracks. I'm pretty pleased with them. Maija, Bethany, Mike and I went out to The Granite Club last night and dined finely in honour of Mike completing his MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). He now patiently awaits his results... which will come 2 - 3 months from now. Haha, sucker.