One of those days.

I'm exhausted. It was a long stupid day.

But... good things have come from today. Yawan (my workmate) who was stranded in China after being refused re-entry to Canada has now got his visa approved, and should be back on Tuesday. This is excellent news, because before today we had no idea if he would even be back at all. Knowing that he should be in next week has calmed me down a lot, because I was having to do his work as well as my own, and had been slated on for some weekends to cover him there as well. And... it will be nice to have Yawan to talk to again. I was getting a little lonely.

Also, I have decided to buy an XBox this weekend. I think this weekend. We'll see. But that's my plan. I'd like to buy one of those fancy limited edish green XBoxs, but as far as I can tell, they're only available in the US. If they go on sale at EB or Futureshop here, someone tell me please.

And I think I'll get my new PC in 2 weeks. I'm excited.