Nobody's Listening

by Linkin Park. Listening to it now.

Anyway, my back aches from the mammoth practice set I just played. I'm playing at Youth Network next Friday and so am cramming some ractuss in. I played 18 records in all, just over an hour and a half of beautiful pumping trance music.

I've been thinking more and more about pursuing DJing as a career and not just as a hobby. I don't know what will happen, or what God has for me in it all, but I love the music so much, and it has such a powerful effect on people.

In less serious and life-changing news, my drivers' license arrived today. The photo's actually kinda cool, which rocks, cause most of my "official" photos are not nearly as bad as everyone elses, so this just continues the trend.

Speaking of continuing trends, I'll do Mark Hardy's personality test. Hit random on my Winamp 10 times and tell you all the tracks that come out. Here goes:

1. POD - Guitarras de Amor - I don't actually like this track that much, but the CD's pretty slick otherwise (Satellite). I still haven't gotten myself a copy of their most recent album. POD tend to bring out the more intense rocking side of me.
2. Audio Adrenaline - One Like You - Audio Adrenaline rock. They always have and always will. This song is a nice little number I'd like to dedicate to Maija. "There could never be another one like You." Uplifting song.
3. O.C Supertones - Strike Back - Nothing like a little ska, especially as I feel summer is beginning to wind down. Ska is the fun fun party loving side of me.
4. Howard Shore - The Council of Elrond - Shows off the love of classical I have and the love of Lord of the Rings. The later being the more important. This is a brilliant track, by a brilliant composer (he's almost John Williams).
5. Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away - I love Linkin Park. I often have to catch myself from singing some of their more negative lyrics, cause the music draws me in. These guys bring out some serious passion from me. I once destroyed a desk with my hands and feet while listening to them (after I broke the sledgehammer).
6. Third Day - More to This - Off their album Conspiracy #5. By far their best CD. This brings out the fact that I am a lover of many things old school. Like vinyl records and Thunderbirds and Conspiracy #5.
7. Sonicflood - Here I am to Worship - I don't like Sonicflood much anymore, but this is a great song of praise, to the God I love more than anything else.
8. The Benjamin Gate - Tonight - Second best chic-rock band ever, after Plumb. These guys bring out sort of a passion/caring/gentle intensity kindof thing. Like a roaring lamb.
9. John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme - Need I say more. One of the best pieces of music ever created. Uplifts and excites me every time.
10. Tragedy Ann - Old West - Little bonus track on a CD by a cool band. This is the old west. I like the old west. I like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.