Mysterious Ways

They say God works in mysterious ways. He does.

As you may or may not know I'm producing and starring in a film this summer entitled Burwash Prison. Written and directed by Russell Montgomery, who is cool. So we had been planning to film this film at his Grandmother's cottage, but unfortunately we couldn't go ahead with that. So I talked to one of the big bosses at work (TACF) about shooting the film at our church campground. We would pay rental on the cottages, like anyone else would, and because the campground is for sale, no one else would be using it.

He said that would be fine. So I was very glad, and told Russell, and all was good. Until yesterday. Yesterday shortly after telling one of my bosses (I have two direct bosses, then other big bosses) that we would be shooting the film there, he told me that we would probably not be able to, due to a whole host of issues that had come up with the campground. He suggested though that I talk to the big boss I had talked to before about it, to get a final word. So everything was bad. Until today.

It was funny, when he told me that we probably not be able to use the campsite, my spirit really balked at it. Quite profoundly too, so I prayed about it and then went to see the aforementioned big boss.

He said...

"Due to various regulations for the running of campgrounds and rental properties, you will not be able to pay us. You can go up and use the cottages, but if you pay us, then you will be classed as a camp, and that's were all our troubles lie. So no worries, as long as you do NOT pay us anything."

So God works in mysterious ways. Mysterious ways that save us alot of money.