Move to the beat that moves your feet

Wicked weekend. I spun up a frenzy of beats and melodies on Friday night, which was very well received (thank the Lord). Pastor Duncan told me I am no longer Pudd, but have become Dr Pudd. I was amused.

Zero Gravity - A New Sensorium (Hardy Heller's Ohral Dub Mix)
Flash - Nobody Scream (Graham Gold Remix)
Airwave - Lady Blue (Original Beat)
Beam - Amun (Original Mix)
Willy J - Play Loud Music (Club Mix)

It was a little shorter than I had anticipated, but was fun nonetheless. People seemed to be feeling it quite a bit by the end, so it was fun dropping the last track in, where every little while this deep voice speaks: "Play... loud... music!"

Saturday saw a bunch of us in Camp Counselor Training for Camp Tsunami '04. We leave this coming Sunday, so I'm trying to put in as much dj ractuss as I can.

In the eve' we went to Le Biftheque Steakhouse for an early celebration of Damien's birthday and a fairwel for my grandparents. I ate so much. It was excellent.

Sunday saw a sleep in and some Xbox, TV and shower. Then to Maija's for a BBQ and swim, which oddly turned into a gathering of independent video and movie makers.