Merry Christmas Everyone

Yeah. Merry Christmas suckers!

I hope you all have a safe time doing whatever fun stuff you have planned. I'm off to the airport in a hour or so to pick up my Father, who is moving back to Toronto. 3 months has gone fast. I'm a little nervous to be honest, but excited too.

This week should see a lot of sitting around doing freakin nothing, and loving it. Hopefully some snowboarding, if I can just get me a snowboard. A little DJ-ing most likely. Should be a good week off. Can't tell yet whether I'll be blogging or not during the week. You'll just have to pop in and see.

Oh, and my new design should go up tonight, or in the next couple of days. I'm just awaiting permission to use an image from another guy's website. Plays the Hits will probably have to stay for now, as I have had no inspiration for a new title.

Merry Christmas.