Losing it's specialness

I just got my template fixed. Or rather, Blogspot decided to let me pages load again. I don't understand. Either way, I'm getting bored fixing this business over and over again.

But aside from that. Zing! Just got back from my first real date with my exquisite girlfriend, Maija MacLeod. Large smiles all round. Like any good first date, we went to see a movie. After dinner at Kelsey's, we saw Troy, which neither of us had gotten around to seeing yet.

We quite enjoyed it. I think that in the end "The Iliad" is a rather difficult story to tell. There's too many heroes, and too many soldiers bound to a timeline that's too long. Given that, I think Monsieur Peterson did quite a good job. The casting was excellent, except I think more time should have been spent on the accent work. But still, a good film.

It was a pleasant evening. So easy and relaxed for a first date. I feel complete peace about this relationship. Honestly... there's no anxiety, no worry whatsoever. It feels completely natural.