Long Weekend

'Twas Victoria Day on Monday in Canada, as most of you will know. I spent the weekend out in Kingston with some sweet friends. There was like 7 or 8 of us, so good times were had by most... hehe, probably not all, but certainly most.

Highlights... we played a lengthy game of Risk on Saturday night. At one point, I had all of Africa, South America, and North America. In one turn, ONE TURN, the girl playing after me cashed in her cards and wiped me from the map. Amazing.

We also saw Shrek 2. Very very funny. I think I preferred it to the first, which I did enjoy, but I wasn't slapping myself. 2 was packed full of jokes, every available "shot" seemed to have a reference to some movie or another. Very enjoyable.

Tonight we had a rehearsal, for the upcoming minor motion picture, "Burwash Prison." We film in less than two weeks, so the pressure's on, but everyone's feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow is the 26th of May. My birthday.