I discovered this list this morning. It has been deemed to be The Ultimate Man List. Not the traits of the ultimate man, but the ultimate list that a man could put together. Here follows:

- Build a robot costume.
- Make trance music.
- Drink beer.
- Spend money.
- Invest money.
- Find wife.

I have an idea who wrote this list, but let's be honest men, in our hearts we've all written this list before.

And for the record... to those jerks who commented on my last post. Shaun of the Dead is not a dumb movie. Andrew Gazaneo is a dumb movie. And the fact that Christopher Reeve has died actually did sadden me, so the "If that's the saddest thing that happened this week, you're doing great" comment is not appreciated.

Stop reading this and go and try and make a better list than the one I just wrote. You can't. I promise.