Incredibly selfish eh. Your mom's incredibly selfish.

Anyway. So, the deal is folks, I'm not confused. I'm not caught up in a deep inner turmoil. I must have come across that way for so many people to respond in the way they did.

Let me explain further, as it seems necessary, maybe only to save my own ass.
Firstly... I too am an affectionate person. My primary love language is touch. Mel's comment was more on track than most peoples. Yes I panicked a bit, and yes it's largely my issue, but yes, there is also such a thing as unbalance. There are times when the affection between any guy and guy, and girl and girl, can be unhealthy simply because they are directing their affection at the wrong person.

I do not think that all girls who are affectionate with each other are lesbians. If you thought I thought that, then I label you an idgit for not properly reading my previous posts. What I do think is that some people (regardless of gender and marital status) have slightly misguided affections. I know that I am right in this, because A) people have told me I am, and B) there is a whole book devoted to the subject. It's called Every Woman's Battle. I'm serious. Read it. (I haven't read it yet myself, but I plan too, once I finish Every Young Man's Battle.)

To Mr Rude Pants Observer:

When you are frustrated because your girlfriend feels comfortable being touchy with her girlfriends, however she wont with you... you need to check yourself not her. Why are you frustrated sir? Is it because she is getting some positive attention from some of her close friends? Or is it because you are not the only person that is giving her that attention. With my objective point of view it is obvious that you are not confident and secure in the relationship.

You may be right. Or you may just be a girl who's uncomfortable giving affection to her boyfriend. I am affectionate with my girlfriend because I love her and want everyone to know. I do not think it is unfair of me to ask the same from my girlfriend. By the by, she's becoming more affection with me in public, because she is becoming more used to it, and more used to me. I think you are the one with the issue, my friend.

Honestly who tells their girlfriend not to hug her other friends?!?!

Umm... not me. You must have been reading the wrong blog. I never wrote that and I don't even want to write that.

If you want to take on the role of the leader, then I sure hope you are leading in every other aspect of life.

I'm doing my best. I obviously have a lot to learn, but I'm aware of it, and aren't afraid to deal with it.

Bottom line is, I don't have a problem with the way my girlfriend treats me or her other friends. My problem is when someone is writing things to her that I would write to her. That person has her own boyfriend to write those things too. I don't think it's write that she was texting my girlfriend on a daily basis telling her that she loved her and missed her etc. The first time it happened, my lovely lady thought it was from me.

That's my point. End of story. I don't have a problem with female affection. If you read my previous post you would understand that. To everyone else, sorry for the confusion, at least you were kind about letting me think out loud.