Just because.

Just because I'm bored, and in a poking-fun-at-Jeremy mood, I'ma poke some fun at Jeremy.


Mean Girls: I don't know about unrude... It could be funny, yes. But it could be incredibly stupid. I'm leaning a little more towards fun, but when it comes down to it, girls are weird man.


The Day After Tomorrow: Could very easily go either way. I think it might be fun. Problem is, the trailer tells you absolutely nothing concerning the film's plot. However, this will surely be better than Sky Captain....

Shrek 2: I've seen the first one too many times. But this should be good. I hope so. We'll see.

Van Helsing: It's gonna be dumb. Trust me. But then again, our tastes in movies go all over the place J... remember Chocolat? I liked Chocolat...


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Never read any of the books, never seen any of the movies. I've always been meaning to see the films, just so I can make judgments... but I haven't. Clearly it's not THAT important to me.

The Stepford Wives: Lol...what? What's this even about? But it's got some pretty good actors in it. Might be good. Nicole Kidman is always solid... go and rent Moulin Rouge. Best movie ever. (I lie...)


The Bourne Supremacy: Should kick ass. I hope so.

i, Robot: It's gonna suck. I really don't want it to suck, cause it could be awesome, but I really think it's gonna suck. If someone was able to make Foundation, as you say, that would be amazing. But seriously, seriously requiring a talented director.

Sleepover: No clue, will probably be terrible. Just because.

Movies I'm (Jeremy's) NOT Looking Forward To (That I Thought I'd Like)?

Envy: This will be funny. Stupid, but funny. Ben Stiller and Jack Black are funny, funny people. Trust me.

Garfield: For this movie, I will quote Jeremy. He sums it all up :

"Nothing bothers me more than people cashing in without putting in the effort. Scooby-Do comes to mind. This is just riding the same (small) wave. Sorry, but I refused to see either Scooby movie purely because I knew (and was right) that they'd be awful. I refuse to pay for something which will only encourage more crappy movies and animation. Give me quality or give me death to this genre!"

I say give me death. I have little faith that anyone will ever do it right, again.

Movies Jeremy is Missing:

Alien vs Predator - Hahaha... come on. It's gonna be so much fun!

Dodgeball - Ben Stiller with a sleazy moustache... again. And Vince Vaughn. It will be funny, I have little doubt.

Spiderman 2 - Will suck. I strongly disliked Spiderman last summer. This looks to be along the same lines. What I am looking forward to is Batman, with Christian Bale I believe. Maybe they'll get Batman right this time.