I'm sorry, your account hasn't been paid

It's a little frustrating to be told that when you're trying to find out why no technician has been dispatched to fix your photocopier. But, when the man who writes the cheques (i.e. solves the problems) is a good friend of yours, then things aren't as rough as they could be.

I didn't get out of work till 5:30 today, after starting at 8:45. A myriad of problems kept coming up all throughout the day. My Canada Post mail software (for sending parcels) is down for the second day in a row. I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to solve this issue, but don't have a solution yet. Then the aforementioned money problem. Then a rushed book making job came up.

A friend who used to work at the church and is starting his own publishing firm took a job that turned out to be a little more than he could manage alone. So I said I'd help him out. When I examined our binding strip stock (for making books) however, I found that we were painfully low. A call to the previous Mailroom guy later,I find out that we have to order those supplies from British Columbia. However, after much coercing we will be getting some binding strips tomorrow.

In other news, my old man has started a blog. Hahaha, he hates me calling him that. He's 43, and I've promised him he'll be a grandad before he turns 50, so then he will be an old man for sure. I'm thoroughly missing him and can't wait for him to come home at Christmas. That will be one of the best gifts dished out this Christmas.

I'm in a bit of turmoil about how much I should be spending on my dj-ing. There's a few things that I really want to buy, that would really benefit me, and that I could use for a very long period of time, but I'm saving money for some other plans, and so I just don't know. I just. Don't. Know.

If anyone would like to get me 1 or 2 Axis 9 CD Turntables for Christmas, or 2 Grundorf (or similar) flight-style turntable cases, that would be really welcome.