I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Can anyone tell me anything about the song Forever and a Day, that Jen Johnston sang at Camp Tsunami last week? I was listening to it just now, on my crusty tape recording of Thursday night, which is currently being transferred to my PC, and it's such an excellent song.

And that was an excellent run-on sentence.

In other news. Tomorrow will be 3 months of going out with the most beautiful woman in the world. She's amazing. Sometimes I just make foolish conversation with my mother just so I can slip in things about how much I love Maija. Hehe... true say.

I'm tired tonight. I've been feeling kindof down tonight. Not sad down, but more "I'm bored and have no one to hang out with" down. So don't pity me. It's funny really. Anyway, bed soon I think. I played a bit of Xbox Counterstrike today, which Damien bought while I was away. Fairly fun. I never really got into CS on the PC, due to never having a copy of Half Life. I played Blue Shift very briefly.

Anyway... Fable comes out this Tuesday. Time to change my undies.