I, Impressed.

I just got in from seeing I, Robot. Let me say that I think the trailers of the film did not do it justice at all.
I'm a big Isaac Asimov fan (I'm the one who got Jeremy Wright to read Foundation... I think). So I had been watching the progress of the I, Robot film over the last few years, with excitement. When I saw the first trailer, I cried in anguish. "This movie looks like complete trash." Or something to that effect. So I've been fairly indifferent to it since then, until I saw the movie today. I was bored... with my foot up, and I got invited to go see it, so I went.
Good thing! It was quite likely of the better films I have seen this year, and without the doubt the best new science fiction flick I've seen in a while. Will Smith was believable and credible, funny without being silly, and didn't seem to have a problem playing to Blue Screen, which he clearly must have done alot. The CG was quite impressive, and the supporting actors were solid. The story was well constructed and well paced, with many nods to specific things in the book. Some of the camera work was pretty fancy too.
Anyway. Enough reading this. Go see it.
Looking forward to Alien vs Predator. A few of us are hoping to do an Aliens and Predator marathon before the movie.
Alien - Predator - Aliens - Predator 2 - Aliens 3.
Resurrection is left out for a reason.