I warmed the house with hard beautiful trance for 2 hours. It's interesting for me to see how huge the difference is in my confidence level, when dj-ing at Youth, compared to dj-ing at home or with friends. Last night went almost flawlessly; I had so much fun, and was able to dance around and chat and eat while doing it. At Youth I'm working the whole time to make it work, and get stressed, and don't start enjoying myself for like 15 minutes, if I do really enjoy myself at all.

So call me the Doubting DJ. I'm already getting nervous about spinning at the Zeo on October 30th, but I guess a night like last night shows me that I do actually have the ability to mix, and can now do it fairly well. Maybe Mark can share some insight from his early days.

Oh, and Maija brought a bunch of friends from her new job, and one of them was big into clubs and had "hookups" and he really liked the stuff I was playing. Which is encouraging, as most of the people at Youth have never been to a real rave, or even club, or if they have, they don't talk to me about it.

So it was a good evening. I had fun. I love fun.