God thoughts

It occurred to me during church today that God, for a huge number of reasons, is very very good to us. To be accurate, that occurred to me a few years ago, but a few more examples of his goodness came to me.

Such as... God does not get technical with our language when we pray. Example... This morning Pastor Duncan was praying for a guy who'd had back pain for years, and it had made him walk stiffly. So Duncan was praying over him, "Loose! Loose!" and stuff like that. All of a sudden I thought, "Hehe, what if God didn't understand what Duncan was referring to, and the dude's bowel's got loosened instead." Hahaha... what a terrible thing to happen. Of course God in his infinite wisdom knows what Duncan was talking about, and so He doesn't care when our the subject of our prayers may have become vague. What a good God!

Secondly... in the same vein, I heard someone else praying today. "Father, I just ask that you would just come into this place and just fill us with your presence, that we would just love you more and that all our distractions would just leave. We just ask you this in the name of Jesus. Amen."

Imagine for a moment that God only ever did what we asked him to. Haha, oh man. I'd be like, "God, could you please heal my eyes?" and He would reply, "I'm sorry, I can't. So and so asked me if I could JUST take away distractions ... so unfortunately I'm stuck. If you get in faster next time..."

Haha... yeah. Further reason God rocks.